Moving Day

It’s finally here folks! Moving Day! Our first load is going down to Alabama here in a little bit.

As we have been preparing for this adventure, there has been excitement, weariness, sadness, joy, peace, and a few more emotions added to the mix. But we are ready for it! God has prepared us for it and He has provided for it so we are stepping into the future ready and willing!

We are so excited for this next step. The preperation though is something that I would like to avoid. You see a stack of boxes sitting here waiting to get loaded, what you don’t see are the piles of clothes we went through, the shoes, the make up, the jewelry, the bath products and so much more. When we removed the couch cushions I told my son to be careful there will most likely be a mess because of little people. He said they have the same problem for the same reason. 🙂

This whole thing has had me thinking this morning. You see, sometimes God needs to clean our house and do some rearranging in our lives to get the dirt out. He wants to clean us on a deeper level so our worship is purer, our love for Him is deeper, and relationships stronger. He has ways that He does this and it can be a major shake up in our life that blindsides us, a move that you didn’t see coming a year ago, a sickness, or a loss. But through this whole process, when you rely on Him and you say, “I trust You Jesus.” and you follow His lead you can be sure you will land in the middle of His palm and He catches you.

So, as we get ready to pull out, for our Michigan friends, this is not goodbye. Rob will be here for a little while longer getting our photography studio here ready to put on the market and I will be back to speak at the conference at The River in August. (If you are interested in that, click on the link)

It is time for a new adventure and we run to it knowing our Father is by our side and we trust You Jesus!

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