Sweet Home!!

I am finally home but missing my heart.

My Honey & I After Closing 7/3/19

We did it!! We have our home in Alabama! We closed on it in July and have been in the process of transitioning from Michigan to Alabama and getting things set up. This area that we bought our home in is just beautiful! Our home is amazing! The property…. oh man!

But as I sit here tonight…. I am still not totally here in Alabama. I have part of my heart still in Michigan. My honey has stayed behind and is working so hard to get our building ready to sell. It has been a long, hard, physically draining process for him. We are missing each other something terrible. We are usually together and doing things. We don’t like to be separated but for this short season we are. There were a couple times that it looked like someone was going to purchase the building and then they backed out. We are praying that someone will come along and want to purchase the studio very soon! It will be going in realtor’s hands soon!

So, my heart is home. I know this is where we are to be and as soon as he gets here, my heart will be complete.

So if you are sitting there with your loved one by you, give them a little squeeze and be very thankful. I know that days become routines but we need to stop in the midst of our doing and live. Time with the ones we love is so important to cherish that we need to jump off that proverbial merry go round and really appreciate those we love. Put down the cell phones, video games, and shut the laptops. These times wont be there forever. Your relationship with your loved ones are more valuable than those. I have never found someone that said, “I wish that I would have spent more time on Facebook (or whatever takes your attention) than with my ____.” You fill in the blank.

Embrace those you love and make time for them. Time is fleeting. You can’t capture it and once you spend it, it’s gone. Cherish the times you have together. After all, you only have each other.

PS… to that good lookin’ honey in that picture…. I love you baby!!! Hurry home!!

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