Planning / Journaling

A girl’s just got to keep things organized. This is a sheet that I actually use pretty much everyday. I will write in my weekly all my appointments and then my everyday things are added to this when I sit down on Sunday evenings and work on my week. (Yep, I have a weekly sheet I have done as well.

After I print them, I will punch them with my Arc punch from Staples and add them to my notebook. I love the disc bound planners. I have the freedom to get creative and add my own pages I design. One of these days, I might show you my system 😉

If you like this sheet for keeping track of your day, click here for a download! It comes with a note page you can print as well!

Junk What????

That ain’t no junk! That’s my journal!!

I found this adorable little journal on Amazon a while ago and did not know what to do with it! After contemplating a while I had an amazing thought!!! JUNK JOURNAL!!!

Well, it ended up so cute that I had to buy another one and give the other as a gift to my other sister journalier (yep, made up word that sounds official. Pronounced journal-ear.)

I found this cute little store on etsy for the digital files! Tracie has some adorable digital files in her Etsy Shop called Love Junk Journals. You have just got to check her shop out! I have printed on sticker paper and then cut out, unless it is a pocket or envelope. I also am using it as a calendar that is easy to carry.

The only draw back to this little baby…. the traveler notebooks are not replaceable in this cutie. I am ok with that though because I am always changing things up!

Life is too short not to carry a cute journal!

Have a great weekend all!